2018 Sebring Drone Race Results

MultiGP would like to thank all the pilots, friends, family, sponsors and partners of Sebring 2018. Without you, the event wouldn’t have been the success it was. Thank you for coming out and racing, for coming out and volunteering your time and for supporting the sport of drone racing. On this page you will find the final official results and standings along with some photos and videos of the event.

Results & Standings

Singles Racing

  1. BMSThomas      $10,000/1st
  2. captainvanover      $4,000/2nd
  3. JTFPV      $2,000/3rd
  4. NURK!      $1,000/4th
  5. Mewofpv      $750/5th
  6. Jrod      $650/6th
  7. Headsupfpv      $550/7th
  8. dane      $450/8th
  9. FalconX      $350/9th
  10. EnvyAstro      $250/10th

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Team Racing

  1. Nexxblades
  2. Velocidrone
  3. PiroflipRC Senior Team
  4. PyroDrone JR
  5. Emax
  6. Dallas Drone Stars
  7. Heart of America FPV
  8. Liftoff and Shendrone
  9. Lumenier
  10. Drone Nerds

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Championship Day, Saturday



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