The Big Reveal: UTT #10: Prairie Rage – by Kevin “Raging Canadian” Sawatzky

On Tuesday May 5th, MultiGP’s Joe Scully along with VelociDrone Racing League’s Colby “SFPV” Curtola hosted a live broadcast on the MultiGP YouTube Channel reviewing the top-5 submissions and announcing the result of the MultiGP Drone Racing Community’s voting. The community went to work in the VelociDrone Track Builder with the goal of a fun and challenging course utilizing a maximum of 5 gates and 5 flags in a virtual park-like setting.There were 16 tracks submitted for consideration, which were curated by SFPV, and then voted on by the racers.

The Top-3 Tracks were:

3rd Place:

UTT10Jefte4President – MattMaxx (Empty scene day)
By: MattMax // with 20% of the Vote

2nd Place:

CCMRUTTSUBMISSION – OrigDragon (Empty scene day)
By: Jonathan Krum // with 22% of the Vote

1st Place:

Utt 10 Submission – RagingCanadian (Empty scene day)
By: Kevin Sawatzky // with 41% of the Vote

In addition to the notoriety of having the first-ever community submission for an official MultiGP Track, RagingCanadian also earned Two tickets to the 2020 MultiGP International Open August 12-16, 2020 at the Academy of Model Aeronautics in Muncie, Indiana, USA, a $300 Value.UTT #10 Prairie Rage not only becomes the 9th Universal Time Trial Track for miniquads allowing pilots to compete against each other around the world, but also becomes a second path of entry for the 2020 MultiGP Championship.  The top-24 pilots ranked on UTT #10 Prairie Rage by September 10th that are not ranked in the top-200 on the Global Qualifier List will be invited to the 2020 MultiGP Championship.

This latest track joins UTT 1, UTT 2 – Tsunami, UTT 3 – Bessel Run, UTT 4 – High Voltage, UTT 5 – Nautilus, UTT 6 – Fury, UTT 7 – Tiny Whutt, UTT 8 – Revenge and UTT 9 – Mega UTT as being a premier leader board for ranking pilot skill. While the official track schematic will be released in the near future, Pilots may find the original submission in the SIM.

In Velocidrone, hit Single Player, select your quad, and then search the Track Name “UTT 10 – Prairie Rage” in the Filter Box while making sure “All Tracks” is the drop-down in top-left.The leaderboard is available in the SIM and online here:

Thank you to all of those submitting tracks and congratulations once again to Kevin “Raging Canadian” Sawatzky.


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